Thursday, May 1

everything was never done ~ OUT NOW

Perspectives - everything was never done (c20) Permanent Nostalgia No. 23 
out of the shadows creeps more dim dank bleakness. 
latest and last recordings by Perspectives
edition of 33

Available at Permanent Nostalgia

Sunday, April 21

Thursday, December 13


Perspectives/Josh Mason split (c30) permanent nostalgia no 14

After excavating concurrent sonic paths for the past decade, ancient friends Josh Mason, Josh Tippery and Kyle Conklin have finally come together on this tape; almost like they planned it this way all along… Perspectives present a slightly more developed sound than we are accustomed, while Josh Mason continues to fiddle with space-time, vibrating us into the next plane.

reversible inserts & label art by Josh Mason. mastering & dubs by permanent nostalgia HQ.

Edition of 48
get it here:

Tuesday, September 18

new tape out today on Hobo Cult Records!

PERSPECTIVES - Psychreligious Geometree (c20) on Hobo Cult Records

Perspectives draws a crooked line of dirty dreams on this sweet and simple new tape. Sound collage & scrambled guitars wander in and out while you faintly conjure up images of foreign landscapes... imaginary or real? It truly doesn't matter... enchanted beauty sleeps.

Edition of 36 / C-20
Laser-Color printed J-Cards onto heavy stock

Friday, September 7

new tape on Permanent Nostalgia

Perspectives 'Failure Sermon' (c26) Permanent Nostalgia No. 11

two hombres eternally entwined. the end of one fragment, on to the next tradition. 
edition of 22
Remaining Copies are heading to Tomentosa 

Thursday, June 28

video: may 17th @ wayward council

i heard today wayward council is closing forever.
truly sad news. here is our set from there last month.